型番 / Item No. JAB-015
販売価格 / Price, JPY 5,500円(税込)
在庫数 / Number of stock 売り切れ / SOLD OUT

Super rare Garnet Silk painting by Legendary Wilfred Limonious.
Length =37CM / W = 27CM

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As of July 2022, Japan Post is gradually restoring EMS to Europe, but still cannot handle small packet delivery. But UPS could be an option... (Click here to view)

Transport costs and delivery costs in the US and other countries have risen significantly.
Effective June 1, 2022

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クリックポスト 185円(5枚まで)
定形外・規格外 700円
税込 11,000円以上お買上げで送料無料

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